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Your Safety Our No. 1 Priority

At SW1 Dental Studio, we have spent months reviewing everything we do in great detail. We want to assure our patients that dental treatment at our practice will be carried out with the safety of all of our patients and team members as our most important priority.

Dr Leyland & Dr Eskander are part of a group of 140 private dentists called Pandora Dental. We have spent countless hours researching with global referencing on safe standards of procedure. We are proud to have created a “gold standard” of safety and patient care to be effective against Covid-19.

Important changes you will notice on your visit


Checking your health & wellbeing


We will ask you a few questions about your experience with Covid-19, how you feel and if your family members have been well. We want to provide dental care for our patients when it is safe to do so. However, with careful diary management, we are prepared for everyone; including the elderly and those with more a complex medical history.


Clean air systems


We have invested in high quality, modern clean air technology ( for every room – this will ensure there is clean and purified air in our practice. The machines will remove 99.99% of respiratory viruses including Coronavirus.


Surface disinfection


After extensive research, we have chosen Salvesan ( as our surface disinfectant. It is proven to kill all germs by 99.99% within minutes. It is effective against Coronavirus and it is environmentally safe.

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We have purchased suitable masks, gowns, visors, goggles, hats, shoe covers, hand washing soaps, etc. The dentist, hygienist and nurse will be well prepared for your dental treatment.

Alistair McNeillSW1DentalStudio.jpg

Longer appointments


We want to provide high quality dentistry, with long lasting results. This takes more time. Also, we will spend longer cleaning the treatment room between patients for your added confidence and peace of mind.

Sanitizing Products

Hand Sanitisers


We will have screens at our reception desks, and we will provide sanitisers and masks to our staff and patients. Please feel free to use these products.

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