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Meet our lovely Dental Hygienist Therapists
Dental Hygiene & Therpist Miss Beata Knysak
Healthy Gums

Beautiful, clean teeth are the key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. However hard we try and clean our teeth, as we get older keeping our smile youthful becomes harder as calculus (limescale) builds up microscopically) under the gumline which nasty bacteria love to live around and cause our gums to recede and look aged. The great news is that we can prevent this. 

What is Gum Disease/Periodontitis?

Your gums are not supposed to bleed. 

Did you know that bleeding gums are a symptom some people have in the early stages of gum disease?


Common symptoms include


• Teeth moving position

• Loose teeth

• Roots becoming exposed

• Drainage coming around the tooth





We make prevention and treatment of Gum Disease at SW1 Dental Studio & Implant Clinic a priority to improve your gum health and help you avoid tooth and bone loss. This is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults.


We strongly recommend seeing one of our hygienists/therapists every four months.  We find this really works so you get more of what’s needed.


Prevention is impossible without professional help




Periodontal Treatment

More extensive treatment is needed to achieve optimal gum health for patients who have not practised regular maintenance appointments or whose gums are painful or exhibiting signs of disease such as exposed roots and bleeding gums. 



Perio treatment/laser
Periodontal Laser Treatment

The most advanced technology available in modern dentistry to treat periodontitis.


Laser is an impressive new technology in the treatment of periodontal disease. It works by removing the Biofilm that houses the bacteria in the periodontal pockets. 


Cost of Treatment
Cost of perio treatment
Adjunctive Periodontal Treatment




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