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Professional Home Whitening                                        £295   

Power Zoom Whitening in house with home whitening  £495

Step by step her experience with Zoom Power Whitening at SW1 Dental Studio


Scarlett Dixon our lovely patient has taken a more festive party prep for the season. 
You can view her blog post here. Despite having had her teeth whitened five years ago, she’s never found the perfect tool to whiten her teeth since. She wanted to ensure her teeth were sparkling.
Scarlett walks her readers through the entire Philips Zoom process in-chair and at-home with Dr Rhona Eskander at SW1 Dental Studio.



My Zoom Whitening at SW1 Dental Studio with Rhona Eskander


" For years, I’ve enjoyed delicious red wines, lovely tomatoey foods and made naughty lifestyle choices that were destined to stain my teeth. Surprisingly, in addition to the environment even genes can mean you’re left with stained teeth.  For the small price you pay, the changes to life enjoyment and confidence levels are so worth it. So I’m thrilled to admit that now I’ve finally got my brighter, whiter teeth and cannot stop smiling with thanks to the Philips Zoom whitening treatment that I had recently at SW1 Dental Studio.  Lauren x




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