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Ceramic Veneers at SW1 Dental Studio & Implant Clinic


Ceramic Veneers


Veneers are thin custom made Ceramic shells applied to your teeth which can be used to cover concerns with the shape, size or colour of your teeth. They can be made of porcelain or a composite material. We work with some of the best dental laboratories in the UK and US to produce unique porcelain veneers just for you.


Dr Rhona Eskander is our experienced cosmetic dentist highly skilled in the art of creating natural looking composite and Ceramic veneers right here at the studio. She was recently shortlisted for the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015.


There are many elements that make up the ‘perfect’ smile, some of which you might already be aware of such as symmetry and the ideal shape and size of teeth. However, we have a checklist of factors to consider when designing your new smile:


  • Smile symmetry

  • Shape of teeth

  • Size of teeth

  • Gum levels

  • Angle of teeth

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Reflection of light

  • ‘dark corridors’ at the side of the mouth

  • Lip posture – how much tooth you show when smiling and at rest

  • Translucency


When all of these elements are taken into consideration, Dr Leyland or Dr Eskander can design a natural looking smile that you will be proud to show off at every opportunity.


To find out more, why not book a consultation with one of us.

Following a cycling trauma, this patient had minimal preperation Veneers to restore his smile. This case was carried out by Dr Eskander.

This patient had composite Veneers by Dr Eskander to improve the aesthetics of his teeth. 



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