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We make prevention and treatment of Gum Disease at SW1 Dental Studio a priority to improve your gum health and help you avoid tooth and bone loss.


Looking after your gums is so important as it affects us all at some stage


  • We recommend seeing one of our hygienists/therapists every four months

  • Treatment is impossible without professional help. 


As a caring practice with high values, we have plenty of experience in the care of nervous patients and Deborah, Danuta and Joanna will look after you expalining everything along the way.


Our hygieinsts can use high tech prophy air polishing. This is our power cleaning system which shoots a fine stream of compressed air, water and tiny particles of sodium bicarbonate on the teeth, which removes any debris and polishes the teeth at the same time. Minor stains can also be removed leaving teeth looking cleaner and producing a whiter smile. 



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