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   Antimicrobial Therapy 
   Dentomycin Treatment

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Dentomycin 2% is an antibiotic (minocycline) is active against the bacteria that cause periodontitis. It is used by most Periodontal Specialists.


Dentomycin 2%  is applied after deep scaling and root planning.

Dentomycin 2% is used when gum tissue has detached from the teeth to form obvious pockets. These sites are more likely to get worse than shallower sites. If Dentomycin is recommended it means that either the bone loss is severe or that the gum disease is particularly aggressive.


 Dentomycin 2% is applied directly into the pockets where bacteria are growing. This allows a very

effective concentration at the disease site and low concentrations in the bloodstream to reduce the risk of side effects. 


 Clinical studies have shown that Dentomycin treatment reduces the bacteria that cause periodontitis and can reduce the depths of pockets by up to 42% after 3 months. This is the only direct application antimicrobial gel with this effect.  


Dentomycin 2%  from £195 


     Antimicrobial Therapy 
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