Biolase Periodontal Laser Treatment

Laser is an impressive new technology in treatment of periodontal disease. It works by removing the Biofilm that houses the bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Advantages of laser treatment are 


  • Eliminates active periodontal disease

  • Avoid painful periodontal surgery

  • An effective pain free treatment- no local anaesthetic needed!

  • 99% success rate

  • Easy to maintain

  • Not expensive

  • Helps to save teeth that maybe extracted otherwise


Traditional treatment for periodontitis involves “scaling and root planing” . A dental hygienist usually performs scaling and root planing with hand instruments to remove calculus.


Calculus is a hard deposit on your teeth that occurs both above and below the gumline and is an irritant that leads to infection and bone loss. But scaling and root planing doesn’t remove the biofilm that houses the bacteria, so its effectiveness is limited.


The most advanced technology available in modern dentistry to treat periodontitis is to use micro-ultrasonic instruments and lasers.


This combination of technologies actually eliminates the infection rather than managing periodontal disease. A special laser is used to sterilize the periodontal pockets and remove any infected tissue. As the old tissue is removed the body’s natural healing response takes over. The formerly infected tissue reattaches to the bone and the gums return to a healthy, infection-free state.


  • The laser is specifically designed to seek out periodontal infection and does not harm the teeth or other healthy tissue.This is one of the amazing characteristics of lasers. The hygienist calibrates the laser to provide just the right amount of power to treat your gums without causing undue pain or trauma to the tissue.


  • No local anesthetic is needed! It is completely painless 


  • Cost is low. Periodontal laser therapy actually removes the infection and the cost is significantly less than other alternatives that might eventually result in surgery.


Allow us to help you determine the best treatments for your individual needs and desires. 



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