Nearly every adult is affected by some form of gum disease. It is possible to have periodontal or gum disease with little or no warning signs.


Periodontal treatment is needed to achieve optimal gum health in patients who may have not practiced regular maintenance appointments or whose gums are painful or are exhibiting signs of disease. 


Our aim at SW1 Dental Studio & Implant Clinic is to save the teeth by treating the gums that have become infected and to help to regenerate the bone tissue in the mouth.


If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and choose to leave your mouth untreated, losing your teeth will be a certainty. When this happens, replacing your natural teeth with implants and dentures will be substantially more expensive than embarking on this treatment whilst your teeth can still be saved.


This treatment will necessitate thorough cleaning with local anaesthetic and adjunctive medicaments if necessary. The therapy will be carefully explained then carried out in a sympathetic and most gentle manner. The aim being to establish and then maintain healthy gums for life.


Topical Local anesthetic and non injection local anesthetic is used when necessary to reduce any discomfort.


  • Extensive Periodontal Scaling

       £105 for 45 minutes   (advanced expertise & skills)

       £145 for 60 minute     (advanced expertise & skills)


  • Additional adjunctive Antimicorbial Therapy- £65  (£195 for 3 sessions)

      Proven to reduce pockets by 42% - ask for details at the surgery


  • Biolase Laser Therapy

      Reduces bacterial load from a few billion to a few hundred!

      Great for treatment and maintenance – see our information leaflet.


If you would like to learn more about how you may be able to save your teeth without painful surgery then call our office right now to schedule your consultation

Periodontal Treatment



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