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Guided Biofilm Therapy  - GBT

The Best Professional Tooth Cleaning 

What is AIRFLOW® Polishing with GBT?

We use the innovative EMS AIRFLOW® Phophylaxsis Master system with Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), a game-changing new system offering the gold-standard of dental hygiene treatment.

The innovative spray technology allows for a powerful treatment, dramatically cleaning and polishing your teeth, reaching all those hard to reach areas, whilst remaining extremely gentle and minimally abrasive.

There is no better way to keep harmful bacteria (biofilm) under control.


What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a sticky film of harmful bacteria which builds on the surfaces in the mouth. The bacteria feeds on the food you eat, especially sugar, which turns biofilm to acid, causing tooth decay.

Biofilm grows everyday and is colourless, making it barely visable to the naked eye. As a result, it is the perfect entry point for bacteria to enter your body. The bad bacteria that thrives in biofilm is called Prophyromonas Gingivitis and has been linked to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, pancreatic cancer and many other life-threatening diseases.

 How does AIRFLOW® with GBT work?


Airflow with GBT effectively removes biofilm, stubborn stains, plaque and discolouration using a combination of warm water, compressed air and very fine powder particles (erythritol). These components allow for gentle yet thorough cleaning, both above and below the gumline, disrupting the bacteria before it can do any lasting damage.

The 8 Steps of Airflow with GBT


  1. Assess – we begin by assessing your tooth and gum health, checking for any signs of gum disease.

  2. Disclose – biofilm is made visible by disclosing it with a dye. This highlights any areas of biofilm build up, indicating problem areas and guiding your hygienist for a targeted, thorough clean.

  3. Motivate – we will be able to visually show you any areas you are missing when cleaning at home and give tailored oral hygiene advice to maximise the effectiveness of your at home care.

  4. AIRFLOW® – Regulated warm water, compressed air and very fine powder particles (erythritol) are used to effectively and gently remove the now visible biofilm from the teeth. A whole mouth clean of all soft tissues, gums and the tongue can be safely carried out using AIRFLOW®.

  5. PERIOFLOW® – additional gentle and thorough cleaning into deeper periodontal pockets in patients with more advanced gum disease.

  6. PIEZON® – Targeted, painless cleaning using the PIEZON® ultrasonic scaler to remove any remaining calculous (hardened plaque).

  7. Quality Control – Final check to ensure all biofilm, staining and calculus has been completely removed.

  8. Recall – Opportunity for any questions and final at home recommendations from us. We will recommend when you should schedule your next appointment based on your individual needs.

Following your AIRFLOW® with GBT treatment, we will provide you with advice and a tailored oral hygiene routine to maximise the effectiveness of your at home care.

Sensitive teeth? Painful previous experiences with hygiene treatment? We can help you!


Not all airflow systems are equal…

The EMS system, the water is heated to an optimum temperature of 40 degrees and vibrations are regulated, eliminating any sensitivity you may have experienced during other cleaning treatments.

Our hygienists are extremely gentle, non-judgemental and take a patient-lead approach and we will do all we can to ensure you remain comfortable.

What are the benefits of AIRFLOW® with GBT compared to a basic scale and polish?

If you love that clean teeth feeling, AIRFLOW® with GBT is for you!

  • AIRFLOW® with GBT is much more effective. The fine jet of compressed air, warm water and fine powder not only capable of polishing the surfaces of your teeth and removing plaque/biofilm build-up, it can also reach up to 10mm into periodontal pockets for more efficient cleaning both above and below the gum line.

  • AIRFLOW® with GBT is minimally invasive and extremely gentle, producing great results without any risk of damaging your teeth, fillings or implants. Sensitivity is also minimised due to regulated ultrasonic vibrations and water temperature throughout the treatment.

  • AIRFLOW® with GBT can clean all surfaces within the mouth, leaving your mouth feeling cleaner and fresher than ever before.

  • AIRFLOW® with GBT can more successfully remove those persistent surface stains, caused by tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine and some mouthwashes. This allows the natural, whiter and brighter enamel to resurface, producing the dental refresh you are looking for!

  • AIRFLOW® with GBT is also much quicker than regular methods of stain and plaque removal.


Perio treatment/laser
Cost of perio treatment



Fixed orthodontic appliances using brackets and bands leads to niches of plaque and stains which need to be removed.
As a result, poor cleaning leads to a higher risk of caries following treatment with fixed orthodontics.

AIRFLOW® with GBT is perfect for orthodontic cleaning as it can reach into all those nooks and hard reach areas around delicate appliances, removing any staining and plaque build up and reducing the risk of tooth decay during orthodontic treatment.


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