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Flexible Payment Choices


To avoid unexpected surprises with dental treatment costs, we aim to be open and transparent about all treatment recommendations and charges.
We offer complete transparency and comfort before treatment is carried out. We provide a written estimate and different payment options before the treatment is started. We will also offer you choice to suit your budget, by giving you, for example, different filling material choices and types of crowns.

Payment Options

1- Pay As You Go

Most clients prefer to pay as they go. Full payments are due prior to the completion of treatment. We accept cash / cheque / credit or debit card.


2- Interest free Credit

Patients with higher value treatment plans have the option of paying in monthly instalments. The Interest Free option is available over 6-12 months.


3- Long term Payment monthly Plans

Longer term payments would incur a 7.9% interest fee.

To apply for credit is simple; it involves filling out an application form and providing identification. Once the credit has been agreed, patients can book treatment as soon as they wish. For more details please call in.  

Interest-free and low cost payment plans to pay for your treatment


Provided by a leading credit supplier "Dental Finance"




Treatment cost        Facility             Term (months)       APR           Monthly       Total payment


    £1,000                    0%                        12                          0%              £83.30          £1,000.00


    £1,000                   Low Cost             24                         7.9%            £45.05           £1,081.20  


    £1,000                   Low Cost             36                         7.9%            £31.16            £1,121.76


We assist individuals with the finance plan applications that usually are approved within a 20 minute period. No charges are associated with application and once approved payments remain fixed at the set amount. No penalty applies for early repayment either.


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