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0% Interest available on all treatments over £500

Pay as you go plans monthly payment plans available with DENTAL FINANCE

Prices are a guide & exact fee will be quoted at the assessment 

Silver polish cost
Diamond Polish Cost

Routine Dental Hygiene

Comprehensive Hygiene assessment and ultrasonic clean £115


Direct Access or not been for 2 years £145

Comprehensive hygiene with Airflow and Guided Biofilm technology £145


Perio Cost

Periodontal Treatment  

Comprehensive Periodontal Care with Dental Hygienist from £250 

Deep scaling using fine hand scaling & local anesthetic as needed. For patients with acute gum inflammation and Chronic Periodontal disease

Biolase cost

Laser Periodontal Treatment

Laser Periodontal Care with Hygienist using Biolase/Waterlase technology from £460

Fine & Deep scaling and advanced laser techniques using Waterlase and Biolase to sterilise the pocket, interrupt the biofilm and promote cellular regeneration to reduce periodontal pockets depth

Laser Tooth Desensitising/Cold Sore Treatment

Laser Desensitisation  from £150

Laser Cold Sore Treatment from £150  

Dentomycin cost

Antibiotic Periodontal Treatment

Dentomycin Direct Antibiotic application after Deep Scaling from £195 


Minocycline 2% Antibiotic gel direct application - Proven to reduce pockets by 42% 

Whitening Treatments

Zoom/White Dental Beauty Home Whitening from £350

Combination Power/Home Whitening from £495

Enlighten Advanced Whitening Treatment £700 with the Dentist 

Whitening syringe refills £30 or 4 for £100

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