Fees for Gum Treatment
Scaling & Periodontal Treatment   £105 45min        £145 60min
  • Ultrasonic Clean - instantly removes plaque and tartar

  • Airflow treatment - removes stains on teeth for a whiter smile

  • Diamond Polishing Paste - for beautifully smooth teeth

  • Fluoride Treatment – helps prevent sensitivity and decay

  • Oral hygiene and dietary advice to help you keep your teeth for life

Deep scaling using fine hand scaling & local anesthetic as needed. For patients with acute gum inflammation/infection and active Periodontal disease.

**Periodontal treatment with Danka £145  60min


Laser Periodontal Treatment £250
  • £250 1 hour  (Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment)- Deep scaling and advanced laser techniques to sterilize the pocket, interrupt the biofilm and promote cellular regeneration to reduce periodontal pockets depth.

Adjunctive Periodontal Treatment £195 (3 applications)
  • Minocycline 2% Antibiotic gel direct application £65  (£195 for 3 sessions) Proven to reduce pockets by 42% - ask for details at the surgery

Professional Flouride Application


  • Sodium Flouride 3000ppm applied using special trays and left in mouth for 5 minutes. This can be done after a dental hygiene visit

  • This is included in Dental Hygiene sessions for children "To be applied if recommended"



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Monday-Friday  9 - 6pm

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41-43 Great Peter Street

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0207 222 3002