0% Interest available on all treatments over £500

Pay as you go plans monthly payment plans available with DENTAL FINANCE

Prices are a guide & exact fee will be quoted at the assessment 


First Dental Hygienist visit @ SW1 Dental  £145 

New patients or if not seen for 2 years at our practice

Clinical Periodontal Assessment, baseline records, oral hygiene care advice, general 

 Scale & Polish & Brightening Airflow & a periodontal plan if needed £145


Maintenance Visits     

Scale & Polish & Brightening £105 or £145 if Extensive clean

Ultrasonic Clean - instantly removes plaque and tartar

EMS Perio Flow - removes stains for a whiter smile & has an anti bacterial effect lasting 45 days

Diamond Polishing Paste - for beautifully smooth teeth

Fluoride gel application if needed – helps prevent sensitivity and decay

Oral hygiene and dietary advice to help you keep your teeth for life



Periodontal Treatment  

60min Periodontal Treatment/Implant Patients with EMS Perioflow £165 

Deep scaling using fine hand scaling & local anesthetic as needed. For patients with acute gum inflammation/infection and active Periodontal disease


Laser Periodontal Treatmen

Laser Periodontal Treatment Dentomycin with Biolase & EMS Perioflow airflow £420

4 sessions of Laser Perio £1600 

Fine & Deep scaling and advanced laser techniques to sterilise the pocket, interrupt the biofilm and promote cellular regeneration to reduce periodontal pockets depth

Laser Tooth Desensitising Treatment

Desensitising teeth using Dental Laser applied to the sensitive teeth £150   

Cold Sore Treatment using Dental Laser £150


Antibiotic Periodontal Treatment

Dentomycin Direct Antibiotic application in pockets after Deep Scaling 

Single pack £195 - 3 applications (£65 per application) 

Minocycline 2% Antibiotic gel direct application £65  (£195 for 3 sessions) Proven to reduce pockets by 42% - ask for details at the surgery

Whitening Treatments

Zoom/White Dental Beauty Home Whitening now £295

Combination Power/Home Whitening from £495

Enlighten Advanced Whitening Treatment £700 with the Dentist 

Whitening syringe refills £30 or 4 for £100