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Leading Specialists 

We’re trusted locally for providing amazing dental care and fabulous Super Dental Hygeinists! 

We have an amazing team of Dental Specialists,
 the best in their fields, and we’ve equiped them with some of the most hi-tech dental equipment available.



Set in the heart of Westminster, we specialise in minimally invasive dentistry, Invisalign, World leading Periodontal Care and amzing surgeons. 

Staff at the SW1 dental are experienced and skilled at managing high-profile clients. You can therefore be assured that you will be greeted by a team that upholds the principles of professionalism and discretion whilst delivering excellence in dentistry and aesthetics


Explore Dental Treatments   

Emergency Dental Care    

We are happy to provide emergency care for both children and adults, no matter what the dental
Emergency might be. When your need is urgent and you are looking for emergency dentists in London, call us to schedule an appointment. We will provide you with immediate solutions to your dental requirements. If you require emergency dental treatment please contact us on: 0207 222 3002 


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We are situated near the Home Office and 5 minutes walk from Westminster and St James's Park undergrand station and 15min walk from Victoria Station. See Map below

Crafting Beautiful Smiles

Experience the Difference the minute you walk in you will see why we stand out.  We aim to provide our patients with exceptional cosmetic dentistry services that promote oral health and restore confidence.

I have experts in their chosen field with a wide range of services, including Periodontics, Root Canal, Advanced Restorative Treatments, Oral Surgery, Implants,  Porcelain veneers, and Invisalign.    Dr Leila Leyland 





Perfect Smile




Perfect Smile
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