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  • Fixed Retainer per jaw                                                      from £250-350

         (custom bonded standard or twisted wire ) 


  • Repair of Fixed Retainer - re-bonding (not broken off)   from  £125 emergency appointment and £25/tooth

  • Removable Essix retainer per jaw               £165 or Vivera £350 3 sets (We recommend)

  • Vivera Invisalign Retainers ( 3 sets) 1 Jaw £350 (£116.7 per retainer) or both jaws £600


Essix removable clear retainers will need to be replaced after 6 months after completion of orthodontic treatment as wear will be almost daily up to 20 hours a day so they often get grotty.   Following that, we recommend replacing the retainers every 12-18 months depending on care.

They may fracture if you have not worn your retainer regularly as recommended so they end up not fitting well and hence fracture. We recommend if this happens to have a new one made as soon as possible.



Care for your Retainers


We recommend using a Dental Spa & orthodontic retainer tablets to clean your removable retainer daily.


  • Dental Spa      £28.50


  • Retainer Brite Tablets  £15

       "Highly recommended from the orthodontic dental lab"

Guarantee of Orthodontic & Invisalign Treatment


The treatment cost is to cover treatment moving teeth from A to B position but keeping teeth at B position is the responsibility of the patient by having fixed retainers and looking after them and removable essix retainers worn and replaced with new ones as recommended.        

If your don't wear your retainers often, your teeth can move and hence they can stop fitting well so can fracture or fracture because of wear/tear or grinding into them and because some teeth have a strong inclination to shift back to a crowded position because of late incisor crowding called relapse.     We recommend having a new removable Essix retainer 6 months after first fit and then every 12-18 months as needed and for your fixed retainer to be checked at your routine check-up appointments every 6-8 months or if you feel there is a problem.    

Cost for repair of a fixed retainer off 1-2 teeth from £95, a new removable essix retainer is £165 and a new fixed retainer is £250.

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