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This Patient had Invisalign and then two weeks of home whitening using White dental beauty at SW1 dental studio

Teeth Whitening


Here at SW1 Dental Studio & Implant Clinic, we offer a boutique Whitening System (White Dentall Beauty) most popular in US cosmetic clinics.


Professional tooth whitening in a dental practice is a procedure designed to safely lighten the colour of your teeth using a peroxide containing whitening agent and bespoke trays.


Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can make a big difference to your smile – it is the most popular smile treatment available! Teeth become stained over time through what you eat and drink, and through smoking. By removing these stains we can restore your teeth to their former glory and give them a brighter more attractive look.


We offer a number of methods to whiten teeth as different methods are suitable for different people. Having examined you we will discuss which options are best for you. The most popular method is using a home kit where a whitening gel is applied to the teeth for as little as 60 minutes per day for a couple of weeks.


Tooth whitening is just one of the ways to improve your smile. It can be used on its own, it may be used to improve the look of your teeth prior to treatment with a veneer or crown, or it can be used at the end of orthodontics to really finish off your new look.


In line with the EU regulations 01/11/12 all our whitening products contain no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide or equivalent.

I had Zoom Whitening at SW1 Dental Studio


Make your teeth Sparkle for Christmas  Scarlett Dixon

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