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Did you know that bleeding gums are a symptom some people have in the early stages of gum disease? Your gums aren’t suppose to bleed and if this occurs.  


Common symptoms include


• Teeth moving position

• Loose teeth

• Exposed roots of teeth

• Drainage coming around the tooth


It is not widely known that periodontitis is not just a dental problem with little or no effect on our overall health and well-being.


Periodontal Disease can seriously affect our heart and has been proved to contribute to heart disease as well as other disorders.


Periodontal Disease is a serious infection caused by plaque bacteria. Although most bacteria are confined to the pockets around the teeth, they can invade the gum tissue and enter the bloodstream, circulating throughout the body.


If Periodontal disease is diagnosed, its so important to insist on having a periodontal assessment - six point pocket chart to know level of periodontal detachment and disease to know if treatment you are having is working or if other interventions or adjunctive periodontal treatment is necessary.


There is little value to create beautiful smile only to lose your teeth prematurely to gum disease. If we want our work to last, we have to give priority to the health of your gums.

Too often people don’t know they have  gums disease until it’s too late to treat it. 


Don’t wait until you have symptoms


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Periodontal Gum Disease
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